Blackberry Fights Back

Yesterday, I reported Apple launched an ad campaign glorifying their product and criticizing their competitors. Samsung is releasing their new smartphone, and Apple is going on the attack. Now, Blackberry is two months into it’s launch of the Q10 and Z10, and they are sticking their ground.

According to Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins, the Z10 will have over 100,000 apps by the end of this week, including apps from big names, like Netflix and Instagram. Mr. Heins even took the high road, complimenting Apple on their touch device innovation, and praising their success. But Mr. Heins couldn’t help it; he had to take a small jab at them. He hinted this innovation is over 5 years old and could easily be replaced. Most smartphone critics love the Q10 and z10 technically, but want to see more apps. That’s where deals, like the one Blackberry is trying to make with Instagram and Netflix, come in.

The tale of two powerhouse technological companies. Blackberry is trying to improve it’s weaknesses. Apple is exposing everyone else’s. Blackberry’s CEO threw in some compliments for Apple. Apple only threw judgment for it’s competitors. ?Mr. Heins knows this is a critical time for Blackberry, and he’s focused on his company. Apple stocks have been falling for months, and they’re focused on other people’s. Do you see a pattern here? If company B works to better it’s product, and company A works to destroy their neighbors’ who do you think will win?

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