Black Friday Deals…If You Insist

Black Friday is here. It’s the one day customers trample, fight, and almost kill each other over deep discounts. Every year seems to get more insane and violent. But I know that won’t stop some of you. So here are some tech Black Friday deals…if you insist.

First of all, let’s say you’re getting a smart device for Christmas. You’re going to need headphones. As a result, Power Beats 2 by Dr. Dre phones are over half off, from $200 to $90. While the Bose Sound Sport In Ear phones cut prices from $100 to $40. But maybe it’s a speaker you need. The Harmen Kardon Onyx Mini Wireless Speaker has you covered. They cut their prices from $200 to $100. But there’s a catch…these deals are only at Best Buy.

But you’d rather have tech trends under the tree. Well, Google Home is a fast seller. Consequently, Best Buy’s selling Google Home for $99 (the actual retail price is $129). This AI device helps you control your home and tell you the temperature, among other cool things. I have a feeling this one will be high in demand. Furthermore, at Target, the Apple Watch series one is selling for $198 only. Of course, you must report to a physical Target for that one. Stay safe out there. All Apple TV models are from $70-200. Do you have a fitness lover on your list? They can get the Garmin Vivo Smart tracker for half off. Finally, you can even get a home coffee maker for half off.

But these deals are only at Best Buy and Target. Let me be clear: This IS NOT a promotion or endorsement of Best Buy or Target. However, my research just points to these two chains as offering the best deals. But let’s face it, Black Friday isn’t what it used to be. More people are shopping online than ever before. Can you blame them? I’m sure one can get a great deal online without the chaos. And don’t forget Small Business Saturday. I’m sure you’ll find great tech deals at your local store, and you’ll be pumping money back to local, American businesses. I know some will insist of this Black Friday tradition. That’s the only reason I put these prices out there. But don’t take part if you don’t have to. What are some ways you’re avoiding the Black Friday madness?

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