Bill Gates Builds Smart City: Who Gets A Key There?

Let’s say you’re in any kind of technology, from computer repair to AI development. Then let’s you’re a smart tech, like app building. So what if there is a city just for you? Bill Gates builds smart city, but who gets a key there?

Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates paid $80,000 for 25,000 of land in Arizona. He names his new smart city Belmont, after the real estate company that’s helping him put this thing together. Furthermore, the Belmont town will commit itself to tech causes like self-driving cars, faster digital networks, data centers, AI, and all things tech. One statement says Belmont will be a forward-thinking community dedicated to cutting-edge technology.

So how big will this town be? Belmont will be able to house over 80,000 people. Then add the 3,800 acres for office and business purposes. Also, add 3,400 of open space. Then comes another 460 acres for public schools. Belmont will be near a new Interstate they call I-11, which will run through Belmont between Phoenix and? Las Vegas. Belmont will be fifty miles west of Phoenix.? So it will be near two fast-growing and thriving cities. Belmont will also have new manufacturing hubs. Nobody knows when Belmont will be ready for move-in day.

Yes, Bill Gates builds smart city. However, my question is, who gets a key there? I’m sure many will want to be in Belmont, but few will be chosen. I don’t even expect every computer repair tech to be there. Sure there will be a few. Remember what the statement said. They want people dedicated to cutting-edge technology. Although they don’t talk much about, you can bet people in robotics and AI will be there. How will they run Belmont? I read nothing about restaurants, grocery stores, or growing food. Maybe that is what the open space is for. What if Bill Gates gave you a key to his smart city? Would you go?

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