AVG Free 9.0 is completely free (no, it’s not a trial version)


Many of our customers know how high our opinion of AVG is. This award-winning anti-virus and security software is one of the most effective countermeasures to the always looming threat of malware that stalks the internet during your jaunts through its halls. Previously, it came in two versions, the professional version and a free trial version that eventually requires you to upgrade after prolonged use.

If you?re someone familiar with the trial version, you know all too well how frustrating it was to boot up your computer and find that you were no longer able to use its services. While the professional version is a more robust version, offering real-time protection where the trial version placed the onus on you to run the scans, none of us frown upon those things which are free.

Well, AVG is now offering their latest update to the free package ? version 9.0 ? to the public for as many uses as they choose.

Yes, that?s right.

No matter how long you have this version, or how many times you use it, AVG Free 9.0 is yours forever. You won?t be prompted to upgrade to the professional version ? ever. It?s completely free, available for unlimited use, and just as powerful as the previous iterations of what was once the ?trial? version.

Of course, as was the case before, the free version will still not offer real-time protection. The benefit of real-time protection is knowing that you?re always secure, no matter what you?re doing, the AVG protection steeling you against malware threats while running in the background.

However, for those of you are vigilant and pro-active when tending to the security of your computers, this is as good as it gets.

Download AVG Free 9.0 here.


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