Apple’s Biggest Features and Selling Points

September is a big month for computer technology. Because it’s the month many tech companies release their new products. However, Apple wastes no time. Let’s see Apple’s biggest features and selling points for 2017.

Yes, the Home Button is an Apple staple since 2007. But today, that button has a pressure sensor. This year, the central square circle is gone, and isn’t coming back. I don’t know if this is going to help or hinder iPhone 8 sales. Now they’re using on-screen home buttons. Then there are ear pods. I talked about this yesterday, and how they own most of the ear pod business…for now.

Apple displays improved big time over the years. They expect iPhone 8 to have edge-to-edge display. That means you will see no edges and more screen than ever. For years, many people used fingerprints instead of passwords to unlock their phone. Then, Apple Pay let you use your smartphone as a credit/debit. But now, Apple 8 may put the reader under the display. We have to talk about voice technology, since it’s now so popular. They’re expecting Siri to release new voices. There’s also a new speaker coming, called the Home Pod. Even the new Apple Store is getting a new look. They’re also doing better promoting more apps.

Those are just some of Apple’s biggest features. They better have some better ones. Because in recent years, everyone has stepped up their games. Androids do a great job now with on-screen home buttons. Yes, they dominate ear pods. But other companies are moving Heaven and Earth to take that market. And they will…one day. And when it comes to voice technology, Siri is no longer the first thing that comes to mind. For me, it’s Alexa. Their Apple store has been slipping too. What I’m trying to say is, Apple isn’t the only candy store in town. And they need big features and selling points to compete. Will Apple gain ground or lose ground this fall and upcoming holiday season?

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