Apple Users Return MacBook Pro Laptops

So let’s suppose you buy a laptop for $2,800, maybe a little bit more. But you discover out of the box, it doesn’t work to your liking; you thought it would be a lot faster. How would you feel? I ask because a lot of Apple users return MacBook Pro laptops.

So speed is one of the biggest selling points of the new MacBook Pro. They said they can reach speeds of 2.9 GHz. However, there’s a problem. Speeds are not running that fast. That’s because you need a Core i9 processor to get to such lightning speeds. Do you know how hot a machine can get with a Core i9 processor? Well, the laptop’s cooling system appears to be no match for this processor’s heat. In fact, some computer repair experts suggest you put your new MacBook Pro in the freezer to get the 2.9 GHz speed.

That’s what computer repair You Tuber Dave Lee did. So according to him, the freezer treatment is the only to get it to 2.9 GHz. Without it, not only will it not capture this speed, but it will run worse than 2017’s MacBook Pro. That only had a Core i7 processor. Also, Dave Lee explains this Core i9 slows down to prevent itself to prevent thermal throttling.

But other Apple users return MacBook Pro. Some people aren’t waiting for the disappointment of this. One Apple user on Reddit says he’s cancelling his new MacBook rather than deal with it. I also have it by good authority that hundreds of others are either returning their laptops. Some others cancel orders and send theirs back before the shipping man even comes to their door. Now that’s bad. Keep in mind this isn’t Apple’s first setback this year. How much profit will Apple lose because of this snafu? Can the MacBook pro get back on track?

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