Apple Buys Again!

Apple acquires WifiSlam for $20 million dollars. What is WifiSlam? Glad you asked. They develop ways for mobile apps to detect where the user is, particularly in indoor locations.

I almost forgot…WifiSlam’s founders were former disgruntled Google interns.?Both sides are being hushed about this transaction. Apple execs say they do buy companies occasionally. But when it came to Wifislam, Apple had no comment, neither did the company they bought out. However, this deal is being done at a time Apple is desperate to improve it’s mapping skills, especially compared to Google. Last year, Apple attempted to launch it’s mapping app, and they fell so hard on their faces that CEO Tim Cook felt apologized to customers everywhere. Have you tried that joke of an app? According to Apple map, Berlin is in Anartica and the Statue of Liberty isn’t where we think ?it is. I’m sure Google had a field day with this one. Google already offers indoor mapping, and they know where Berlin and the Statue of Liberty are.

Do you think this purchase is a good idea? I understand the reason. When it comes to mapping, Google is king, and Apple wants a piece of that pie. They definitely have to do better than they did last time. They seemed to have gotten someone who knows what they’re doing. But should WifiSlam have held out for more money? I mean $20 million dollars to Apple is like $20 to you and me. Will this deal work? Should Apple just forget about mapping all together and just concentrate on what they do best?



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