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In this age of social networking, where making the public privy to the happenings of our personal life has become something of an industry, picture sharing is as common as sending emails. Whether you?re uploading a picture to Facebook or any number of the other sites you frequent, it?s important to pay close attention to the size of the pic you?re uploading, many of these sites placing restrictions on the size of the picture you?re sharing.

In the past, resizing pictures was something you did manually, using one of the various photo editors that included a feature for that purpose. Now, there?s a tool that runs in the background, automatically resizing your photos whenever you? upload them.

It?s a free utility called Shrink Pic, and it?s an extremely convenient tool for those who frequently upload or attach photos. It monitors your uploading, silently resizing the picture whenever you upload, attach or ? if transmitting via an Instant Messing client ? send it.

According to the definitions you set before using it, Shrink Pic automatically resizes the images, uploading the compressed image once it?s complete. Even if you?re uploading multiple pictures, which can be the case when using Facebook, Shrink Pic works to resize every last one. It moves fast, too, working almost instantly.

Shrink Pic doesn?t touch your original picture, moving the resized pictures to a temporary directory. If you want to disable the program, you need only deactivate it with an option available in the system tray.

Free and available for Windows only, Shrink Pic can be downloaded here.

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