An easy and safe way to test Google Public DNS

Announced a couple of weeks ago, Google has recently rolled out with Google Public DNS, which is a said to increase the speed at which you browse the internet. Completely free, Google?s service replaces your Internet Service Provider?s DNS with theirs.

If you?re someone that feels uneasy when messing with the settings associated with your router and internet connection, you might be interested in an extremely easy-to-use application that gives you an opportunity to test Google?s Public DNS and determine whether its benefit outweighs whatever hassles you might fear from switching over to it.

It?s called the Google DNS Helper, and its purpose is to allow users a chance to test out multiple public DNS servers to determine which ones introduce a noticeable improvement over the speed of your current DNS server.


Using it is simple, with just two options for users to worry about, saving them the stress of having to wrangle with their network settings. With just one click, this application switches you over to Google Public DNS, saving your current DNS settings before doing so. You?re now able to browse the web with your new DNS settings, having only to click the other button if you ever want to return to your original configuration.

If you?re interested in trying out Google?s DNS solution, this is a convenient ? and, more important, safe ? way of doing so if you?re someone who?s wary of tinkering with your router and network.

Grab it here.

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