Amazon Cloud Makes Business History

My Amazon, you’ve been busy as of late. You’ve released an astonishing Kindle book deal. Whether that succeeds or backfires, we’ll soon find out. If it backfires, you’ve got something to fall back on.

According to Pacific Crest Securities, Amazon Cloud’s revenue will increase 58% this year. But that’s just the beginning. Their cloud is already worth 3.1 billion dollars. If their luck continues, it will be worth 6.7 billion dollars by this time next year. This puts Amazon Cloud on par as one of the fastest growing software businesses of all time. Their cloud growth is now up there with traditional servers, like Dell and Hewlett Packard. Last time checked, Amazon Cloud made 1.25 billion dollars?per quarter. These numbers come form Pacific Crest Securities because Amazon won’t dare release it’s own numbers, no matter how successful.

It’s great they can grow a business to this unprecedented success. It definitely puts more traditional servers on notice, which is good for consumer as well as corporation. But a business can grow too fast. I hope Amazon Cloud is careful to keep up with the growing demand for this product and has enough resources and manpower to do just that. I’ve seen major businesses go belly up when growing at this rampant speed. Will Amazon Cloud be able to keep pace?

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