Is 5G Technology Dangerous, or Even Deadly?

So what is 5G technology? It’s hard for even IT service and IT support experts to explain. But they expect 5G technology to move so fast that even machines will connect with other machines, with no effort. We’re talking speeds of 20 G/bps. However, these guys can explain it better than me.? That sounds great, right? But some say not really. Because they worry about the physical and medical consequence this may have. Is 5G technology dangerous, or even deadly?

So members of the medical community ask questions about great health risks. These risks are mostly about radiation, and too much of it. Also, this radiation comes from the phones as well as the cell phone towers. Furthermore, keep in mind the massive increase of signals not just to cell phones, but smart devices. We’re talking about things from smart security systems, smart voice speakers like Alexa, and that smart self-driving car that’s coming. Some studies even talk about a cancer risk from 5G. They did a study with lab rats. They gave the rats daily radiation doses for two years. The researchers were alarmed at the increase of brain and heart tumors in these lab rats.

Yes, I know how controversial it is to use lab rats. But I want to look at the bigger picture. Some will say there is no harm in 5G. They will say things like, “We used cell phones for 30 years. We’re still good”. But look at how often we’re using cell phone technology today. And it’s not just our phones, either. Smart technology is in about everything we use: radios, TVs, voice devices, security systems, and soon, it will drive our cars for us. Also, keep in mind there will be more cell towers to facilitate this 5G technology. They bring with them their own radiation. It adds up. Is 5G technology dangerous, or even deadly?

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