Tune up Firefox for improved performance

Often praised for its functionality, with a feature set that has made it more popular than Microsoft?s Internet Explorer, a persistent criticism of Firefox has been its speed.? Despite its intuitive accessibility and powerfully customizable interface, the performance of this browser ? even for systems on which such issues are a rarity — has been problematic.

When several tabs are opened, Firefox has become notorious for using an inordinate amount of memory.? On systems with a minimal amount of ram, being forced to quit the application altogether is not an uncommon recourse.

These issues are most prevalent on those computers that either need to be upgraded or haven?t been properly optimized.? We understand that not everyone can go out and outfit their computer with a lot of ram, particularly in this age where budgetary concerns remain paramount. Taking that into consideration, it should be noted that there does exist an effective means of improving the performance of Firefox with the use a simple utility created for just that purpose.

Coming from TotalIdea, Firetune is a quick solution for augmenting your experience with Firefox. Giving particular attention to the speed? of your internet connection and that of? your computer?s processor, Firetune adjusts several internal settings of Firefox for increased performance.

Firetune works with Mozilla Firefox versions: 1.x, 2.x, and 3.x

Firetune can be downloaded here.

Browser speed is but one of several areas of concern when taking stock of your computer?s performance. For questions on the effective optimization of a computer, we may have the answers you?re looking for.

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