June 2019: Worst Internet Month

So last week, Facebook couldn’t upload pictures. Most of us didn’t know why, but we mustered through it. However, it turns out that isn’t the only snafu that happened. Let’s look at June 2019: Worst Internet Month.

In fact, in June 2019, everything that could go wrong in the IT service and IT support world did go wrong. Let’s start with June 2. A major Google Cloud shutdown took place. Most of the US east coast, the most populated place in the USA, took the brunt. Critical services, like GMail, Nest, Snap and Vimeo, also took a hard hit. Bugs and bad configurations caused this to happen. It only took three hours to fix it. But in today’s world, three hours without such services can seem like an eternity.

Then, on June 24, Cloudfare lost 15% of all it’s global traffic. That’s right. Cloudfare lost 1/7 of everything it had in one day. They blame Verizon for this. They say it was Verizon’s bad wiring that caused the global traffic to go down. Cloudfare wasn’t the only one to go down. Because on this day, they took mega companies like Amazon with them. Apparently, the Internet woes continue into July. Because on July 2, Cloudfare caught another outage. The next day, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram’s photo services all caught shutdown fever. Even on the July 4 holiday, the iCloud went through a three-hour shutdown.

So nobody was and nobody is immune. I titled this blog June 2019: Worst Internet Month. Maybe I should include July as well, because this month is not off to a flying start. Of course, bit IT can turn it around and learn it’s lesson. But on the other hand, and I hate saying this, it could be an omen of even worse things to come. What do you think? Will you think this month be better or worse?

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