Google’s City Tours plans your trips for you


Planning a trip that will see you taking long walks through an as yet unexplored city with winding streets and the confusing noise of bustling pedestrians? Bringing your smartphone along for the trip?

If your answer to the two questions above is ?yes,? you might be interested in yet another innovative offering from Google, a nice accompaniment that aids those travelers looking to work those legs during their travels.

Part of Google Lab?s stable of services being tested before an official rollout, City Tours aids travelers in planning their trips, knowing that the uncharted streets of an unfamiliar city are part of the excitement we feel when traveling abroad.

When you input the city you?re visting, City Tours will craft a comprehensive tour for you, mapping out a three day itinerary that includes 10 suggested places to visit each day. Once they?ve offered their suggestion, you can add and remove sites, tailoring the tour to your liking.

Does your husband want to visit a location that famously served as the launching point for a popular band? Add it to the tour.

This great resource includes walking directions, names those locales you might want to visit, estimates the average length of time it?ll take you to go from one point to the next, and is just a generally welcome tool to employ when planning a trip.

Even if you?re not traveling, you might want to become more acquainted with the city in which you reside, making this just as invaluable a resource.

While it?s still being tested in Google Labs, you can use City Tours here.

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