Google Acquires Songza

Google Acquires Songza

Songza is a free music streaming group, heavily based on consumers’ playlist. They could play anything from your favorite workout songs to your favorite decade. Now they’re playing to Google’s tune.

Google has purchased Songza. Rumors are flying about how much: some say $15 million and some say $39 million. What make Songza different from most online radio is that Songza uses lots of data about what people like to listen to, down to the time of day, location, even activity of the consumer. Some speculate Google had to increase their generosity because others are interested in this music streaming group. Google insists nothing will change about Songza…yet. But Songza is expected to supply their knowledge to Google franchises like You Tube. Songza has approximately five and a half million active users.

I find this intriguing they make this deal not long after Apple made it’s three billion dollar deal with Dr. Dre’s Beats. This goes to show you how competitive the music/social media avenue is getting. I think Google is doing a great thing here, and I don’t even like mergers very much. But this one makes a lot of sense. On my You Tube account, it recommends videos for me a lot, according to what I already subscribe to. So it makes perfect sense to hook up with a music streaming group that gives you playlist that does the same thing according to your music list. To me, that sounds like a combination that can’t be beat. Does this acquisition make you want to use Songza or avoid it?

Chromium Operating System: Coming to a Computer Near You

Yes, you have heard correct my friend: Google has announced the release of Chromium OS during the holidays of this year. This is a cloud based operating system, the first of its kind, and it is designed to let the user access it from anywhere. There is also a notebook called the CR-48, which is exclusively a Chrome OS notebook, sources say Acer and Samsung have dibs, the release expected?in mid-2011. The new operating system will have to contend with Windows 7 and Mac OS x, how will it compare and what is the contrast which Chrome OS brings to the stage?

First is the?amazing transformation from internet web browser to operating system, Google is a tough competitor when it comes to innovation and ideas put to the test, so this is nothing new. But it is quite a leap, and it will be interesting to see how it reaches both business and personal computer users. I mean, it is a Chrome is all about the internet. How can a browser be an operating system?

The answer comes in the form of Apps, which will be the only way for the user to accomplish anything on the operating system, since there are no downloads. This is what makes it versatile in that you can access the system from anywhere, with the apps the saved content from them will be stored like it is a web browser. No software needed.

Instead of trying to be their own entity and create web apps only for Chrome, this operating system includes all apps for all programs, including Microsoft Office. You can run most of these apps offline.

The big boast of Google with Chrome OS is the boot-up speed: 7 seconds. Wow, that is fast. In tests of Macintosh and Windows 7 it takes at least 30 seconds for Mac to load and a minute of so for Windows, so Google beats them hands down in speed.

One drawback it has right now is that it will only work with Solid State Drives(SSD), so all you people with netbooks have to buy the new?netbook?that has the Chrome OS pre-installed.The OS will look similar to the internet browser Chrome, with icons for web apps on the screen. Notifications of email, calendar events, and instant messaging will be on the screen as well.

But what is perhaps the most important piece to this puzzle is in the failure of other regular operating systems: you can recover and log on to Chrome OS if your hard drive breaks down, you lose your laptop or netbook, or your system fails.

What about security? Chrome OS will be protected much like the internet browser, with HTML5 and Open Web Platform, as well as?sand-boxing?technologies. What this means is that the access will be limited so that hackers cannot slip in undetected. People often wonder about cloud based programs, such as privacy and not wanting companies like Google knowing exactly what they are doing on the internet. Depending on what you are up to, the cloud has it’s up and it has it’s downs, the point lies in what you want out of an operating system.

The choice is yours.

Firefox 4 Threatens to End the Browser War

In a recent blog post about the browser war going on between Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, it looked as if Chrome was winning the battles and taking over. But as in war, the victor only seems to win, thus catapulting us back into the firing lines of these fast and ever-advancing browsers all competing for the top spot on the world’s computer.

Firefox is pumping out these new versions, with this new release being the seventh beta version since its inception a little over six years ago. However, release of the full version has been delayed until 2011 due to bugs and problems that pushed back the release date. It seems this is not the first time Mozilla has slipped up and missed a deadline, but let’s look past the mistakes and look towards the future with all it’s wonders and possibilities.

Can it get much faster? That is one question that seems to be popping up a lot lately as these browsers heat up the race to be the fastest out there. According to people who claim to know something, Firefox 4 is THREE times faster than the existing 3.6.12 version. What is so great about this new browser? Let’s take a look at the record.

The tests came in from both the Kraken and Sunspider JavaScript benchmark, and the V8 benchmark test, to prove just how fast this browser was. There are three reasons for this improved capability of loading web pages:

  1. J?gerMonkey, an upgrade from TraceMonkey which propelled Firefox 3.5 to the front stage, is designed to do the same again yet keep Firefox on top. JavaScript is very heavy on certain web sites such as Gmail and Facebook, slowing down most browsers because they do not have the speed or strength to keep up with all the code. J?gerMonkey is the future of JavaScript.
  2. Hardware acceleration, both in graphics and in Windows xp and Mac OS x, is supported enough so that loading the web pages with all those videos and pictures will be much faster.
  3. 3D capabilities that enable Firefox to skip the question of asking users to download plug-ins to view certain web pages, it is built in.

Together these equal a powerful web browser.

The improvements could make Firefox the number one used browser in the world, right now it is number two behind Internet Explorer. We all know the reason for that right? IE has a deal with all the new computers to have it built in to the system so that when you buy a computer or laptop, you get IE. No wonder they are number one.

Firefox also is coming out with a new feature to get rid of the already old use of tabs at the top of the screen. The Panorama feature is designed to allow the user the ability to customize and create their tabs in any way they would like. With a stroke of the key, you can see an overview of all your tabs and easily maneuver through them to find the ones you want.

Watch out everybody, the browser war has only just begun…


Google DocVerse Diversifies MS Office

There is a new cloud on the horizon, and it is in the shape of an office. It is called Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office, and it is going to be a huge advancement in how people conduct their business and personal lives. DocVerse is a startup company that was bought by Google last March, and now is getting a chance to shine through integration into a widely used application for email.

The combination of a program like Google Docs and an email powerhouse like Office is deadly. One of the coolest features of Google Docs is the ability to access a document and edit it simultaneously with co-workers or other people. Forget about attaching the documents, that takes too long and is a thing of the past.

This is an amazing tool that will make life so much easier, no more having to wait for your client to look over changes in the document you just emailed and send it back, with Google Cloud Connect all you have to do is share the email and you are closer to finishing before you even start.

Another great feature of Google Cloud Connect is that you can connect to it from anywhere, just like Google Docs, all you have to do is save it. Once you save it, the document is given a unique URL(Uniform Resource Locator), allowing you to get it on your smart phone or office computer.

It is really a beautiful thing, this new “software of a service” office suite will be offered for free WHEN IT COMES OUT. Right now it is in the stage of testing.

The main reason Google is using MS Office as its platform to launch this new software is the fact that there are millions of people using Office, and it is not likely they will move to Google any time soon?unless?

Google Cloud Connect is targeting Microsoft Office and is taking over. With this new service users will also be able to work on PowerPoint presentations and Excel documents as well. The ones who need this are small business owners or companies that communicate throughout a large office that is otherwise hard to get things done.

Don’t worry, it will work with all existing Office versions, from Office 2003 to Office 2010.

Perhaps the best feature of Google Cloud Connect is the ability to access it from anywhere in the world with a computer and internet access. This is the cloud feature of the software. Personally I am an editor for a newspaper, so this tool is perfect for a person like me that needs to have constant contact with editors and writers on stories. When I am away from the computer, anything can happen where if I do not get to a computer, the whole operation could be compromised due to the fact that I could not see the article before it went to press. Google Cloud Connect will help a lot of people, including me.

Stay tuned to Computer Geeks Blog for cool news and awesome updates that are sure to keep you informed and in-the-know.

The Google Doc is In

If you have not heard about this new word processor, then you have been missing out my friend, because Google Docs competes with Office and is completely online. There are so many benefits to this type of document platform that they are too many to write about in this blog. However, I will try to contain it in simple and easy terms that even a layman could lay down and understand.

The centerpiece of Google Docs is the collaboration feature that allows multiple people to look at a piece of writing and edit it simultaneously. I have used this tool I cannot count how many times, and it never fails to?amaze?me as well as save me. My editor could be across the country, yet by connecting via Gmail to the Google Docs folder, we can look at an article together like we were sitting next to each other. Technology shines light on how easy life can be with new tools which make working and writing much better.

Let’s say for example, that you are in the airport on your way to Wichita, Kansas for a big business meeting. On your laptop you have saved the big presentation, all on Google Docs, and there is not a cloud on the?horizon. CRASH! No more presentation because the laptop is infested with a virus. What are you going to do? Head to the bar and drink your anger away? Get on the plane and have a breakdown and end up behind the bar? Or are you going to take a deep breath and?realize?that you are safe, with no fear because you can get onto the presentation from anywhere that has internet access! If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android, there you go!

More great features include the auto-save and the organisation of Google Docs. When you are using an online application to write anything from school papers to business protocol, auto will save your life if the server goes down and?freezes, making sure that data recovery is simple by saving all the time. As I write this blog, WordPress saves the document every minute, this action has literally saved my life and my blog a couple times when if I did not have this auto-save action? A lot of words would have been lost in cyber space this way, they are floating around out there when they should have been saved.

About?organizing, Google Docs gives you a folder to share with others along with the ability to move folders and files to different locations. This is perfect for people who need to have things just so. Google Docs is perhaps the best way to write, save what you write, and to share what you write, ?organize?it all in a nice package, and live life easy.

I strongly recommend using Google Docs if you are a writer like me, or work in any business related to communicating with the outside world where editing and proofreading are essential to getting the job done. Amen.

In Google Docs We Trust.

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