Smartphone Freezing Emoji: Consumer Alert!

Technology can be efficient and life saving. It can also be scary. ?Ever get a message and your phone just freezes? So there’s a message that’s doing just that. It contains a combination of three emojis. It’s the smartphone freezing emoji: consumer alert!

Consequently, this bug is especially bad for Apple phones. I’m talking about those with iOS 10 systems or higher. In fact, there are no cases of this thing hitting iOS systems lower than 10. ?One needs a text message. Furthermore, that message contains a white flag, zero, and rainbow emoji. When someone sends this combo in a message, it freezes, even crashes, the recipient’s smartphone.

But wait, there’s another reason for this crash. Apple is trying make a rainbow flag emoji. But it isn’t working. In fact, all this does is freezes the smartphone. Let’s say someone really wants to send the smartphone freezing emoji. They would use the notes app to do so. The freeze lasts only a few minutes. It wouldn’t black out, but the iPhone just would do nothing for several minutes. But it’s not just Apple phones. This smartphone freezing emoji bug hits Android devices, too. It’s just not as often.

We can thank You Tube channels Everything Apple Pro?for breaking this warning. Apple is usually good with fixing this thing. But some people will keep doing this again and again just to spite. If they do, then you might consider removing them from your smartphone altogether. And of course, our computer repair experts are good at anything smartphone. This includes everything from zapping phone bugs to screen replacements. I’m glad Apple has an easy fix for this. But what they should do is fix their flag situation. If they want rainbow flag emojis, then they need to do a better job. What if these freezes get more severe? Are these nuisances worth it, for an emoji?

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