Twitter, Trump, and North Korea: Newsworthy Enough?

A few days ago, President Trump delivered quite a tweet…or one of them. But this one involves the crisis with North Korea. Trump tweeted the little rocket man (we know who that is) “…won’t be around much longer”.? Some praised his strong language, but others criticize it. This is beef between Twitter, Trump, and North Korea.

Some argue that Twitter should ban, or at least censor, President Trump’s threat to North Korea. Twitter execs replied by saying it will update it’s guide on what people can say on Twitter. They also added that ‘newsworthiness’ would be a factor.

There’s more to the controversy. In recent months, Twitter vowed to crack down on ‘bullying’ tweets. We can thank the Leslie Jones twitter bullying scandal for that one, because when they said ugly things about her, Twitter took action. However, some accuse President Trump of some of the most bullying tweets ever. But his Twitter page isn’t even suspended. Just because he might be able to do it just because the rest of us will be able to.

However, look at this particular issue between Twitter, Trump, and North Korea. If this isn’t newsworthy, then I don’t know what newsworthy is. Surely everyone knows the war of words and thoughts between the US and North Korea. Now I will admit, some of Trump’s tweets in the past did borderline on bullying. But not this one. This one puts a total ruthless dictator Kim Jong Un on notice. Look at what this dictator had done to his own people. I wonder what the North Korean people are tweeting? Oh, that’s right…most of them don’t have freedom to access the Internet like we have. In fact, they only have 28 websites to choose from, thanks to dictator Kim Jong Un.? And yes, issues of social media censorship do come up in our Boston computer service shop. So what to you think of the tweet? Is it newsworthy, or bullying?

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