Petcube Enhances The Pet/Owner Relationship

So for years, IT service Petcube allowed owners to see their pets while the owners are away. In fact, they can even play with toys through this piece of IT support. But now, they came out with two devices to take it further. Petcube enhances the Pet/Owner relationship.

So now, Petcube comes out with two new items. They are Petcube Bites 2 and Petcube Play 2. They both offer Alexa voice commands, a 180 degree camera, and better sound. Furthermore, they include a 4-microphone piece and can support up to 5GHz as well. Oh, and Alexa will work alone with these two devices. There will be no more adding other voice technologies just to get Alexa to work with Petcube. Because they already did that for you. That’s a huge relief for just about anybody.

But wait…there’s more. These new Petcube devices can play music, check weather, turn on lights and other appliances, even give you a news reports. It can also do other things I know I’m leaving out. Yes, these devices use AI tech. They use it to study barks and other pet sounds to see if the pet is distressed. It also tries to predict the pet’s behavior before the pet even behaves. They come in Matte Silver and Carbon Black. The Petcube Bite 2 will cost you around $250. The Petcube Play 2 will cost you around $200. As of right now, you will only find them on However, if sales are that good, I can see them moving them to retail stores. Or at least I hope so.

So this is how Petcube enhances the pet/owner relationship. I think it’s great that they play music. Studies show that pets react to music almost as good as humans do. That’s a huge plus. The 180 degree camera is also a huge plus. And the price is right. But I’m not a fan of how AI wants to predict the pets’ behavior. What if they’re wrong? Are these new Petcube devices good investments?

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