Google Stops Controversial Ad Promotion

There is a Google ad campaign that concerns a lot of people. So there are ads inside Gmail that can read other emails, no matter how personal or intimate. But thanks to Google Cloud, that stops. Google stops controversial ad promotion.

So Google Cloud comes up with software they call G Suite. They sell it to Gmail users. So if you get this software, you don’t get email scanning and invading ads. Sounds great, right? But some customers are still unclear of the privacy consequences. Google cloud assures Gmail users protection of their privacy. However, don’t expect the pesky ads to stop.

But this time, they won’t scan or dig into your emails. Instead, they will use information Google has of you, like your maps, searches, and You Tube videos. For example, you search travel sites a lot. You also watch a lot of travel videos on You Tube. Then you can expect a whole lot of travel sponsors to bombard you with advertising. Google Cloud VP Diane Greene announced the change yesterday, Friday, June 23. She says G Suite already has 3 million customers. These are mostly business customers. The number of G Suite users doubled just in the past year. And yes, you do have to pay for this service.

But to me, it seems like a great investment. I can see why so many businesses get this software. No company, whether it’s computer repair, restaurant, or construction, wants their business matters spread out for the whole world to see. They have just as much a right to privacy as individuals and families do. And scanning emails can easily threaten that right to privacy. In fact, this new is better because it reads what the business is into. Therefore, an ad can actually provide the services the business need. And the ad makes sale. Now, both companies are happy. I don’t think too many people were happy with the old way. So Google stops controversial ad promotion. Is this a good move?


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