With Windows 7, you can prevent users from shutting down or restarting their computer.

On a shared computer, the administrator may not wish to see the computer shut off by those authorized to use it. This is particularly true in an office, where productivity can be hindered when employees arriving to work find themselves having to wait as the computer boots up rather than being able to immediately log back into their computer console.

In Windows 7, using the Local Group Policy Editor, those functions can be removed by hiding the ?Shutdown? and ?Restart? buttons from the users.

*It should be noted that this feature is not available in personal and home versions of Windows 7.

To begin, we?ll click on the ?Start? button and type ?gpedit.msc? ? hit Enter.


Once the Local Group Policy Editor window is open, take the following route:

User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Start Menu and Task Bar


Once there, select Remove and prevent access to the Shut Down, Restart, Sleep, and Hibernate commands.

Once selected, it?ll prompt you to enable the service, which is done by clicking on ?Apply? and ?OK?


After this is completed, return to the desktop. You?ll notice, when reviewing your options in the Start menu, the only ones available are ?Log Off,? ?Switch User,? and ?Lock.?


Once implemented, the omission of those features is immediately apparent, with no possible means ? outside of unplugging it ? of a user turning their computer off.

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