JumpLaunch gives you Quick Launch access in Windows 7

While being a release that has seen Microsoft regain much of the faith it lost with recent installments of its operating system, Windows 7 arrived with many long adored features either missing or peculiarly buried in such a way as to make their use unnecessarily tedious.

For those of you pining for the Quick Launch toolbar, it?s still available, but you?ll need to perform a few quick tweaks to get it working.

The contents of your Quick Launch folder can be found at this location: %appdata%MicrosoftInternet ExplorerQuick launch.?Very easily, this tool will transform those shortcuts into a list that effectively acts as your Quick Launch toolbar.


Called JumpLaunch, this application is a free tool that adds a blue orb to your Windows 7 bar. Right-clicking on the orb will bring a list of applications stored in your Quick Launch list. When left-clicking on the same orb, you?re able to add or remove programs from this list, customizing it to your preferences.

Windows 7 is an excellent addition to Microsoft?s stable of programs, but it?s not perfect. At Computer Geeks, we?ll continue to offer you tips that aid you in getting the most out of this new operating system.

You can download JumpLaunch here.

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