Microsoft Security updates may be causing Issues

If you?re a user of Microsoft?s most recent operating systems ?XP, Vista, and the recently unveiled Windows 7 ? you may want to heed the latest warnings about new ?Microsoft Security updates released. According to reports, these recent security updates may be what?s precipitating a spate of system crashes that render the computer a lifeless black screen. Coming by way of PrevX, a UK based security company, users of its security software began complaining of the problem last week. It would seem that Microsoft made significant changes to the ACL (Access Control List), which contains permissions for user accounts. This list of permissions communicates with the registry keys, making observable changes to the desktop such as the addition of a sidebar. Unintentionally, however, the recent Microsoft security patches are amending those registry keys. As a result, being unaware of those registry changes, a number of applications are responding with confusion ? explaining the black screens during their use. We should note that those applications which seem? most affected are security programs. For those affected by this problem, PrevX has released a patch that would seem to correct the issue, bringing the registry in line with the ACL settings introduced by the security updates. Not everyone is being affected by this problem, but if you feel as if you?re one of those unlucky users who recently suffered a black screen that may be tied to your recent download of Microsoft security updates, PrevX has released a free fix that can be downloaded here. If you continue to experience problems, always feel free to give us a call.

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